Last night a DJ saved my soul

Chas Bayfield | 07 July 2014

Last night a DJ saved my soul

Earlier this year, Noah created a campaign for the dating website, Christian Connection. The campaign created quite a stir and was covered in the Huffington Post, the Telegraph and the Evening Standard, among others. The good news for Christian Connection was that registrations increased by 400%. It's not surprising that other advertisers wanted a bit of the Noah magic (step forward trivago) but it's also no surprise that some more church based clients would approach us.

Our advice to Christian Connection was to break out from the Christian advertising ghetto and speak to people in the real world. Or in other words, to stop being so Christian. A few weeks ago, we were approached by Premier Gospel, the UK's number one gospel music station. Premier Gospel plays RnB, reggae, roots, afrobeats, jazz, soul and dance to a predominantly urban audience and were planning an event called Premier Gospel Week. Noah was aked to create some OOH advertising that would appear at or near the events to promote the station.

We are really happy with the results:

The ads were created by Ritchie Xavier and Chas Bayfield, with typography by Ritchie Xavier.