Are you ready for SuperCasino?

Noah | 24 April 2014

We feel like we've just walked into the Casino and walked out again with our pockets bulging. That's because last month, we were awarded the advertising buisness for the two Netplay brands Jackpot247 and While Jackpot247 is doing it's own thing and shining light on those places in the UK where people can't win jackpots 24/7 because there is no mobile internet reception, Supercasino is singing a different song.

We won the pitch by demonstrating to Netplay that pretty much all casino ads are the same; an interchangeable montage of roulette wheels, slot machines, pretty girls and James Bond wannabes. Our pitch was that this is a supercasino - a step up from the regular online gaming destinations. It is a place for players, not try-hards. What would the supercasino be like? The guys in our ads have never played there, all they have is hearsay, received wisdom, their wits and their instinct. They are terrified of what might await them once they're in. 

Bizarrely, the advice that the men give each other is bloody responsible - keep your head down, don't believe in streaks, don't win back your losses, don't get carried away. We feel that this adds another level to the ad and reinforces the message that is for the serious player.

We shot the ad in a day at the Crystal on Royal Victoria Docks and most of it is a single shot. The director was Giles Ripley and the production company Partizan.