New work for Jackpot247

Noah | 22 April 2014

If you've been watching late night TV over the Easter break, you might have come across this.

It's a new commercial by Noah for the gaming website, Jackpot247. What makes the spot unusual is that the focus isn't on the winning, it's on the reason why the brand is called Jackpot247. The site allows players to win jackpots twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of where they are in the UK. However, there are places in Britain where there is little or no mobile internet reception, and it is these locations that Jackpot247 has in its gunsights. Last month, we took a film crew and an actor to the remote Powys village of Pwllgloyw as it is one of the worst 3G 'Notspots' outside of the remote Highlands of Scotland. The advert shows our ever more exasperated hero trying in vain to get an internet signal so that he can play his favourite games. 

We are very pleased with the commercial as it manages to be entertaining while mentioning the brand name five times in thirty seconds. We will also be using social media to amplify the campaign and to 'out' other UK 3G notspots. Watch this space.